Enhance Your Living Experience

Enhance Your Living Experience

Leaf it Up Lifestyle MedSpa & Wellness Concierge access the leading edge of Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine

Leaf it Up Medspa
Leaf it Up Medspa is redefining patient experience by combining:

  • Certified physicians, therapist and coaches.
  • Cutting edge diagnostics and genetic testing.
  • Stuning and relaxing ocean view facility.

At Leaf it Up, we focus on addressing the critical imbalances that are at the root of your health complains.
This innovate patient-centered approach allow us to provide an unique healing experience from inside out.

Leaf it Up team works hard with only one mission in mind, inspire you to achieve.

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Our Story

Leaf it Up Lifestyle MedSpa started as a dream in the mind of a young physician that wanted
to develop a new model of health care that focus on the patient instead of the disease. Dr. De Freitas
was convinced that the model needed to recognize that chronic or extreme stress has negative physical
and mental effects that affect  daily decision making by favoring choices of immediate physical reward
in an effort to relieve emotional distress, thus creating a vicious cycle that lead to physical,
biological and mental imbalance. Soon her husband, Dr. Fernandez, active cardiologist, and her sister in
law, Lina Fernandez, physician and skin care specialist, joined the venture. The first center opened
doors in  April 2013, on the beautiful picturesque Hollywood Beach Boardwalk.

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Our Location

Why on Hollywood Beach? It’s a question that many ask. Our stunning location, just few steps
away from the ocean, strategically located at Hollywood Beach, near Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood and
Fort Lauderdale, was chosen carefully. Dr. De Freitas wanted her patient healing experience to start as
soon as they get out of their car. A welcoming ocean breeze, a stunning view and the casual,
stress-free, vacation mood atmosphere of Hollywood Beach Boardwalk in Florida, create the perfect frame
for what she predicted to be and unparalleled relaxing and healing experience. With a facility that
blends luxury and comfort, our little beach sanctuary has become what some call “the hidden jewel of
Hollywood Beach”, sharing the scene with inspiring morning joggers and bikers.

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Our Mission

Leaf it Up’s mission is to inspire and empower individuals to embrace self-care, turning
good intentions into action and life into a joyful, beautiful and enlightening experience. Let’s proof
it can be easy and fun to be happy and healthy.

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Our CoreValues

  • Inspire Wellness and Healthy Living
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Provide a “WOW” service
  • Build open and honest relationship with members and customers
  • Listen hard and talk straight
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Pursue grow and learning
  • Laugh and make it fun
  • Detox Body. Detox Mind.
  • Create win to win partnerships with our suppliers and partners
  • Be the change. Change the world

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Our Events and Promotions

The simplest choices, what we eat, how we manage stress and how much exercise and love we
have are the basic foundation for optimum health and well-being. By providing social events, weekly
beach yoga classes, promotions and monthly workshop we inspire and empower our members to make the best
health-supportive, joyful choices they can make to maximize personal health and vitality.

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Our Community

Connectivity and socialization are as important for health and well-being as nutrition and
exercise. Our mission is intimately tied to the neighborhood and larger community that we serve and in
which we live. Educating and caring for our community is hugely important to our organization. Making
our juice bar a source of enlightening and knowledge with an outstanding educated staff, inspiring
people with our weekly beach yoga class and full moon yoga events, holding a seasonal free running club,
supporting local vendors and environmentally friendly practices are just examples of how much we love
and care for our beach, local customers, families and Hollywood community.

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